Collections Manager (left): Alain Belliveau (contact)
Herbarium Director (right): Dr. Allison Walker (contact)


The E.C. Smith Herbarium is one of three components of the Irving Biodiversity Collection (the other two include the Botanical Gardens and the Seed Bank). The Herbarium was constructed around 2000 and opened in 2002, thanks to a generous donation from the family of Kenneth Colin Irving (1899-1992), a successful businessman and distinguished alumnus of Acadia University. The collection itself, however, began well over a century ago and has grown in size and reputation thanks in large part to accomplished professors, curators, key partners, and institutional donations. Throughout the years, the herbarium has followed the process outlined below, in its mission to provide hundreds of thousands of specimens to researchers, to decision-makers, and to the global scientific community. 

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The Herbarium Process